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Learn how to make healthful medicinal teas -- at home


Healthy Recipes With Medicinal Plants

Indian Peanut Salad

A peanut is not actually a nut, but its health benefits are nut-like all the same. Enjoy this tasty legume in an easy salad from India.

Super-Seeds Snack Bar

Here's a medicinal plant recipe that features the health benefits of four different seed types combined into one delicious snack bar.

Turmeric Maca Powder Cacao Energy Balls

Here's a healthful snack that combines some of the biggest names in superfoods including turmeric and maca.

Tips On Growing Medicinal Plants

Kumquat Anyone? Kumquat?

Kumquat is not only fun to say, it's also an easy to grow plant with olive-sized fruit packed with health benefits.

Lemon Balm: Make Room for It

Lemon balm with its fuzzy leaves and lemony scent is a popular medicinal plant for its health benefits and landscape attributes.

Immune Boosting Echinacea Plant

Echinacea is a clumping plant with beautiful pink and purple flowers. Easy to grow, healthful and also a favorite with butterflies and finches.

Medicinal Plants In The News

Match Plants With Symptoms