Healthy Recipes With Medicinal Plants

Pistachio and Lime Cake

Pistachio nuts deliver on both taste and nutrition. Popular in culinary dishes, here's a pistachio recipe for pistachio and lime cake perfect for taking with tea or coffee.

Super-Seeds Snack Bar

Here's a medicinal plant recipe that features the health benefits of four different seed types combined into one delicious snack bar.

Lemon Balm Poppy Seed Honey Cake

Here's a recipe you don't see every day. While somewhat challenging, the benefits include a delicious tea-time cake containing healthful lemon balm leaves.

Tips On Growing Medicinal Plants

Immune Boosting Echinacea Plant

Echinacea is a clumping plant with beautiful pink and purple flowers. Easy to grow, healthful and also a favorite with butterflies and finches.

Toothache Plant: 10 Guesses What It’s Used For

The toothache plant is not your run of the mill flowering perennial. Check out the red eyeballs in the center of the yellow blooms.

Grow a Pomegranate Tree? Oh, Yeah

Want an unusual landscape tree? Learn how to grow pomegranate and harvest its fruit for better health.

Medicinal Plants In The News

Match Plants With Symptoms

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