A Closer Look At Health Claims

Brpwm, dried star anise pods with fruit fill the photo frame

Star Anise: Traditional Spice Getting Love as Medicinal Plant

Star anise has made significant inroads as a medicinal plant in recent years. But don't confuse the Japanese variety with the healthful Chinese one.
Glass of foamy beer surrounded by hop cones

Here’s How to Be Happy With Hops – Other Than the...

Better known as the key ingredient in brewskies, hops also have been associated with a slew of health benefits – some even backed by science.
Bunches of Red Delicious apples hanging on an orchard tree

Apples May Not Be Exciting, but Their Health Benefits Dazzle

The fact apples are good for us is not news. But now, backed by science, it's clear we may have underestimated their true health potential.
Goldenseal plants with bright red berries growing in the middle of the marijuana-shaped leaves

Goldenseal: Popular & Expensive, but Does It Really Work?

The natural healthcare relationship between humans and goldenseal goes back a long way, so why is science still hesitant to commit?
Many tan chia seeds with the word chia spelled out between the seeds

Chia Seeds Sprout Health Benefits Easy to Love

Chia Pets got our attention. Scientific studies showed us the value of chia seeds beyond the kitsch sector. Learn about the scientifically backed health benefits of the chia plant.
Weedy looking mullein plant growing between red rocks

Mulling Over Mullein? Find Something to Love About It

The weeds you trample may provide important health benefits. Mullein, for example, doesn't look like much but is used to treat everything from asthma to migraines.