A handful of tiny cucamelons

Cucamelon Magic: Koo Koo Ka Choo

Cucamelons would fit nicely in a garden with unicorns and fairies. But don't let these pixie-like "watermelons" fool you. Beyond the cute, cucamelons are healthful giants.
Close up of ripe orange kumquats hanging from a branch

Kumquat Anyone? Kumquat?

Kumquat is not only fun to say, it's also an easy to grow plant with olive-sized fruit packed with health benefits.
Close up of bright yellow St. John's wort flower loaded with stamens

St. John’s Wort: Funny Name, Serious Benefits

Backed by science, St. John's wort can be grown and harvested at home as a healthful tea or medicinal oil.
Close up of orange and yellow daisy-like calendula flowers

Calendula: Colorful Petals Are Also Edible

With calendula you get gorgeous landscape color and an edible plant that may improve your health by fighting oxidative stress and inflammation.
Freshly picked garlic bulbs with stems

Homegrown Garlic: Packed With Health Benefits

Garlic plants are a great addition to your garden. Besides the health benefits of eating garlic, garlic also gives a boost of flavor to recipes and even repels garden pests.